We had a lovely 5 course meal in our house to celebrate our anniversary. All of the food was excellent. Luckily she was available with short notice, but she has busy periods, so I would book her well in advance. She e-mailed us many menus to choose from and we mixed and matched to put together our choices. I think that the mousse dessert was my favorite. My wife has a lot of food restrictions, and Beatrice worked with us to accommodate her needs. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants a great meal without all of the aggravations of dining out. I would like to see some vegetarian choices, but I realize that may be a limited audience. My only other criticism is that I don’t really understand the protocol behind tipping for this service. We liked the service, but my understanding is that tips are for employees rather than the owner of the business. Anyways I tipped, but you may want to think about whether you want to tip in advance.