Beet Carapcchio        th8KK5RCS7


  • Spinach salad with Walnuts/Raisin and Bacon bits and Orange Curry dressing
  • Tomato salad with fresh Mozzarella & Basil and Balsamic Maple dressing
  • Cucumber salad with Dill dressing
  • Rice salad with Vegetable and Chive dressing
  • Spicy Sweet Corn with Poplano Pepper salad with Curry dressing
  • Chicken curry salad with Pineapple
  • Green Beans and Peppers salad with Chive dressing
  • Mixed green with Strawberry & Asparagus with Hazelnut dressing
  • Mixed green Salad with Bamboo sprouts, Grapefruit and Pine nuts with Ginger dressing


Soups (cup)

  • Tomato cream
  • Braised Leek cream
  • Garden vegetable
  • Minestrone
  • Goulash
  • Pumpkin spiced with Curry
  • Carrot-Hazelnut
  • Spicy Mango
  • Roasted red Pepper

We will create a wonderful Buffet for you and your guests accommodate your needs. Many different dishes are available, just contact us.